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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia 2.0 released!

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia 2.0 is released! In this update we have fixed the "Open In Tab" bug.  Also users are now free to use Wikipedia in any available languages. To use a custom language, please go to options page and select "Custom", and enter the language code (a two-letter code) of the language you would like to use.

Click "OK" and "Save" to confirm your changes. That's it!

For the list of available languages, please check out this list.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Incredible Startpage 1.7 released!

Flexible layout

  • For wide screen users, the main tab area would size dynamically,  and you might want to show 4 columns instead of 3 or 2 columns.

  • Show/Hide "Bookmarks & Recently Closed" columns: Now you can hide them when you don't need them; when the columns are hidden, the notepad will automatically be enlarged and you can write some very long notes :)

New Filter for bookmarks and apps

Type to filter items in "My Bookmarks" and "My Apps" tab. Great when you have lots of bookmarks and you just can't spot it on screen.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

TooManyTabs 2.1 released with Google Drive Support!

We have released TooManyTabs for Chrome 2.1. In this update, we have fixed the missing previews since Chrome 34 and introduced a new feature - automatic backup to Google Drive.

Authorize TMT to save data to your Google Drive

  • Visit the "Import/Export" page, then click "Authorize"
  • This will open the Google Authorization Popup, please click "Accept", close the popup after a few seconds if it does not close automatically *
  • The TMT data will save as Application Data and it is not visible in the Drive interface. To manage TMT data, please go to Google Drive's Settings > "Manage Apps". The stored tabs can only be accessed by your authorized Chrome profile**
  • Now go back to the Import/Export page and click "Reload" button to confirm the authorization status. You can create your backup immediately, TMT will also automatically backup your tabs daily

Restore and Delete Backup

  • If you have multiple Chrome profiles/machines using the same Google Account, you might want to add a label to differentiate different backups from different machines

  • Click "Restore" to restore a specific backup, all the existing tabs and columns will be overwritten and the changes cannot be undone
  • Click "Remove" to delete a backup from your Drive, TMT will keep at most 10 backups in your Drive

New Commands

We have added two new commands that can be customized in the Tools > Extension Page. You can now easily send active tab to TMT and open TMT window via shortcut.

* To make sure the backup can run automatically, please always remember to login with your Google account
** If you revoke TMT access to your drive then no more backup will be created until you authorize again

Thank you for using TooManyTabs. Enjoy!

Friday, March 21, 2014

TooManyTabs now compatible with Aurora (Firefox 29)

Aurora(FF29) will soon be released, users who are using FF29 will have to update to version 1.4.5 for compatibility.

Major Changes in 1.4.5

  • TMT Arrow: Because of the layout change of tab in FF29,  the active (or selected) tab can only be sent to the current row by double-clicking on anywhere of the tab (not just the arrow), the tab must be selected and the TMT arrow is shown.
  • The TMT arrow now also works for OS X, you can also send tabs using the new mechanism

    • Options Page: The new "Rearrange via bookmarks" will open the "Library" directly, and you can easily rearrange their rows inside the TMT folder, i.e. Unsorted Bookmarks > TooManyTabs (Do Not Delete)

    Sunday, October 20, 2013

    TooManyTabs: Steps to diagnose your problem

    If TooManyTabs is not working please check out the following steps to diagnose the cause

    Steps to diagnose your problem

    1. Export your tabs with TMT export tools (In Options > Advanced) to a file (Or just export all your bookmarks to a file with Firefox Manager)
    2. Create a new profile for testing with Profile Manager
    3. Install the latest version of TMT
    4. Then restart and check TMT is working as a clean install
    5. Then restore your TMT tabs and restart again
    • If TMT does not work in step 4, please send a bug report to us (instructions below)
    • If TMT does not work in step 5, there is a problem with the stored data, try to remove a row one by one and restart Firefox to find out which row is the issue
    • Finally, if you restore other extensions and theme and TMT does not work, please contact the corresponding add-on developers for help. There is little we can do.
    Steps for sending a bug report (Updated)
    • Go to Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console, it looks like below

    • Filter the output with keywords like "TMT" or "toomanytabs" in the error message after you interact with TMT (e.g. send a tab and nothing happened)
    • Take screen shot of the error messages and include your profile information (Go to TMT options > Advanced and click copy profile information)
    • Send all the information in your bug report.
    Check out our support forum at getSatisfaction if similar problems are reported, if you found nothing helpful, Please post a new bug report on getSatisfaction or email us. Enjoy!

    Friday, April 5, 2013

    TooManyTabs 2.0 released with new feature

    We have released TooManyTabs for Chrome (v 2.0), the incorrect tab count bug has been fixed in this version and we have added a new feature for keyboard shortcut lovers.

    Whenever the search box is active, you can use up/down arrow to navigate open tabs, then press enter to select the tab immediately.

    For example, after we search for "chrome", we can use the down arrow to navigate to the third result, the tab will start "bouncing", simply press "enter" to select the tab.

    Actually immediately after you open the popup, you can also use the up and down keys to select a tab without searching for any specific keywords. It might take longer than a regular mouse click to select your desired tab in some cases though.


    Tuesday, March 19, 2013

    TooManyTabs for Firefox 1.4.0 is released

    *Important* If you have enabled Firefox Sync or other sync extensions like XMarks, you might want to update to version 1.4.1

    Too many rows to manage in your TMT? Check out this new feature that allows you to directly manage your TMT rows!

    A new context menu is added when you RIGHT click on a TMT row name in the list of rows. In this popup, you can remove, rename, add a row below, and modify shortcut** of a row easily.

    Or you can have total control on your stored tabs by managing TMT via the Bookmarks Manager, click the last option to turn off read-only access of TMT folder and manage them directly in the Bookmarks Manager.


    ** The modified shortcut will work after Firefox restarts.

    * For users experiencing problems when synchronizing their tabs using Firefox Sync, please check Firefox sync service status at We have no control over the process, so we cannot provide further support on the issue.

    * For users who saw empty "Manage Rows" in TMT options, please update to version 1.4.1 here