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Sunday, October 20, 2013

TooManyTabs: Steps to diagnose your problem

If TooManyTabs is not working please check out the following steps to diagnose the cause

Steps to diagnose your problem

  1. Export your tabs with TMT export tools (In Options > Advanced) to a file (Or just export all your bookmarks to a file with Firefox Manager)
  2. Create a new profile for testing with Profile Manager
  3. Install the latest version of TMT
  4. Then restart and check TMT is working as a clean install
  5. Then restore your TMT tabs and restart again
  • If TMT does not work in step 4, please send a bug report to us (instructions below)
  • If TMT does not work in step 5, there is a problem with the stored data, try to remove a row one by one and restart Firefox to find out which row is the issue
  • Finally, if you restore other extensions and theme and TMT does not work, please contact the corresponding add-on developers for help. There is little we can do.
Steps for sending a bug report (Updated)
  • Go to Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console, it looks like below

  • Filter the output with keywords like "TMT" or "toomanytabs" in the error message after you interact with TMT (e.g. send a tab and nothing happened)
  • Take screen shot of the error messages and include your profile information (Go to TMT options > Advanced and click copy profile information)
  • Send all the information in your bug report.
Check out our support forum at getSatisfaction if similar problems are reported, if you found nothing helpful, Please post a new bug report on getSatisfaction or email us. Enjoy!

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