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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia 1.9.0 released!

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia 1.9.0 is released! In this update we have a fix for wikipedia recent layout changes. We have also added compatibility with the latest Chrome extension requirement (Manifest-2). Most importantly we have added a frequently requested feature!

The new context menu feature provides two ways to search Wikipedia.

Select any text in a tab, click "Lookup Wikipedia foor [selected text]" will bring to search wikipedia in the primary language in a new tab.

If you select any text inside the extension popup, the new search will continue inside the popup.

The new context menu feature can be enabled/disabled from the extension Options.

* After the update please remember to restart the Chrome completely if your extension popup is not working properly.

If you still have issues with particular languages please feel free to leave a comment. We will then check with it promptly.

Enjoy and thanks for your support all these years!
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Friday, December 28, 2012

FreshStart 1.6 is released!

FreshStart Crash Recovery allows you to auto-save current sessions periodically. Unlike the normal FreshStart sessions, these auto-saved sessions are not stored as bookmarks.

In this update, the Crash Recovery function is greatly enhanced. In addition to the your last Chrome session, five more snapshots of your sessions are saved. These five snapshots are taken during your last five Chrome launches. They can serve as an extra backup when Chrome auto session restore fails.

Enable "Crash Recovery" in FreshStart Options and adjust the backup frequency if necessary.

Usually if Chrome crashed there should be a yellow "Restore" button that allows you to restore to your previous session. In the case when it fails, please open FreshStart popup and click the "Crash Recovery" button. (Note FreshStart "Crash Recovery" must be enabled already)

This will open the Restore Page that contains all your auto-saved sessions. Click on a snapshot link to see the content of the session. The session now includes time-stamps and the pinned state are saved. (Only for auto-save sessions)

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Incredible Startpage 1.6 is released!

Important!  If Incredible Startpage is not loading properly, please upgrade to Chrome 22 or higher.

This update includes three new functions. First, you may now easily rearrange your app order by drag and drop, just like the "My Bookmarks" tab.

In response to users who would like to hide the "Most Visited" tab, a new option is now available in this update. Simply go to "Advanced Options" and uncheck the "Show 'Most Visited' tab", click the "Save" button, and reload your startpage.

Another new function is "Send tab/link to Startpage", you may now use the context menu to add links to the startpage's "My Bookmarks" tab which is bookmarks bar folder (default) or any other folder you have chosen to show in the startpage. To enable this function, please go to "Advanced Options" page and change your settings.

Finally, this update also includes an important fix for the "Startpage not loaded for the first time during Chrome launch" issue. Enjoy!

New users - please go to this page to add Incredible Startpage to Chrome.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Incredible Startpage 1.5 is released!

Incredible Startpage 1.5 is released! You may now see your list of most visited sites in the "Most Visited" tab. This feature is only available if the new permissions are granted to the startpage. Please find the details below:

Note: If you experience any problem after the updates, please try to restart Chrome and reload the start page. 

After you have updated to version 1.5, when you click the "Most Visited" tab for the first time, you will see the following popup.

Please click "Allow" and the startpage will reload and show the list of most visited sites. This version also asked for access to favicons (icons of web sites), this would solve the issue on unmatched favicons in older versions.

We will continue to improve Incredible Startpage. Enjoy!

* The "Most Visited" function requires Chrome 19+.  Please try to upgrade your Chrome to 19+.

* Please note that the function to remove most visited sites & "Other devices" like the default new tab page is not available to extensions yet. It will be implemented once the function is made available.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TooManyTabs 1.9 is released!

TooManyTabs 1.9 is released! This updates includes many new features for all the tabaholics out there:

  • Too many tabs in TooManyTabs? You may meditate to suppress your never-ending tabbing desire, or you may now sort TMT column by tab title or URL to find your tabs in TMT easily. Just toggle the two new buttons to sort and unsort your column.
  • You may further filter column by tab title or URL just use the corresponding sort filter box beneath the sort buttons to filter tabs as you type.

  • Pinned tab support: If a pinned tab is sent to TMT, it will stay pinned (indicated by the pin icon over the tab). This means when you restore this tab, it will also be restored as pinned in Chrome and will not be removed from TMT. To remove a pinned tab from TMT, please explictly remove it via the context menu.

Export and Import
  • In addition to export as JSON format for backup and migration. You may now export your TMT tabs as plain text or HTML for print or email.
  • New import options: Merge import data with existings columns.
  • Tip: Please always export and backup your tabs as file before importing other TMT data.
New options
  • Hide Chrome's pinned tabs in TMT popup: Check this options and pinned tabs in Chrome will not appear in the TMT tab panel. This can avoid suspending pinned tabs accidentally. You can still send the pinned tab via the "Send Tab to TooManyTabs" context menu directly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wikipedia Companion has been updated! (1.8.2)

Hi fellows! "Wikipedia Companion" is now "Lookup Companion for Wikipedia"!

Due to recent changes to Wikipedia's new formatting and layout our Companion has been broken for a few days. We have just pushed a fix that will work for most languages. If you still see odd formatting try a new search and see if things get updated (Chrome may have cached the content). If you still have issues with particular languages please feel free to leave a comment. We will then check on it promptly.

Enjoy and thanks for your support so far!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Incredible Startpage 1.4 is released

We have added another new function to Incredible Startpage. Now you will have 4 different notepads in different colors to help you to keep some short to-do lists or reminders easily. Simply click on the different color note to select the notepad. Enjoy!

Release notes for 1.4.0 &1.4.1:

  • New multi color notepads
  • Updated locales
  • Various bookmark issues
Release notes for 1.4.2:

  • "Bookmarks not ready" fully fixed (no additional tab open)
  • You may now have "empty" notepad if you leave the notepad blank
  • New version number added inside the theme options