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Incredible Startpage

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Incredible StartPage is an awesome replacement of Chrome's "new tab" page. The new start page shows your bookmarks, apps, most visited sites, recently closed tabs and a notepad in once place, along with a customizable theme.

The first thing you may want to do is to customize your background. Click the "Theme Options" button on the bottom left corner to open the theme menu. There are several ways to customize your main panel background. You may
  • Flickr photos from some preset categories
  • Use a custom URL
  • Choose a local file
  • Use gradient as background

Customizable Bookmark Frame

The large frame on the right displays bookmarks from your Bookmark Bar (Customizable). You can move the items by drag and drop. If you want to put more bookmarks in the frame, you can drag bookmarks from the bookmark browser:

You can customize the folder for this frame. There are two new buttons at the bottom of the Bookmark browser. The "Show as main" button will put the currently displayed folder to the photo frame. The "Home" button will return the Bookmark browser to the root folder.

View your Web Apps

Easily launch and manage your Chrome Web Apps in the new 'My Apps' tab.

View "Most Visited" sites (New!)

You may now see your list of "Most Visited" sites in the startpage. When you click "Most Visited" tab for the first time, a prompt will appear to request for addition permissions. This is a Chrome new feature: extensions can now incrementally request for more permissions for new functions. In this case, these new permissions are used to show your most visited sites and favicons in the Startpage.

Recently Closed Tabs

The closed tabs browser is a simple way to get back accidentally closed tabs. Note Chrome currently does not suppport restoring tab history from extensions, so it only restores the last page loaded in the tab.

Finally, there is a handy notepad for you to take short notes. You can send the notes to Gmail in one click! You can also synchronize your notepad across computers. (Check out the Advanced Options)

That's it. Have a try and tell us what you think!
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