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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Incredible Bookmarks 0.7.2 in Sandbox

Updates: 0.7.3 is released which included a minor bug fix.

Today we released Incredible Bookmarks 0.7.2! We listened to your feedbacks and made various interface improvements in this version.

Now if you have too many bookmarks, you can choose to view them as icons only. This allows you to fit 4-5 times more bookmarks on a single toolbar. To see the original titles just move your mouse over the icons.

(we reorganized the menu a bit too!)

If you still need more space, you can even hide the toolbar labels. To do so, open the toolbar menu and click "Global Settings" - "Hide IB Toolbar Labels". Now how to change the folders? You can click the toolbar menu and find "Edit This Toolbar" under the first item.

There are other subtle changes which made the interface more friendly. Hope you enjoy it!
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Incredible Bookmarks 0.7

We have released Incredible Bookmarks 0.7! It is in sandbox right now and will go public soon.

In this version we added the ability to toggle each IB toolbar individually and save their state after browser restart. We also gave IB toolbars more informative names. In the "Check Links" dialog, after finding out which bookmarks are broken, you can now immediately modify the bookmark link and re-check.

New Functions

- Toggle and save individual toolbar state after restart
- More informative toolbar names

- Edit broken bookmarks directly in "Check Links" dialog

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Incredible Bookmarks 0.6 is in Sandbox

Good news! Incredible Bookmarks 0.6 is released. In this new version, users can view their bookmarks in 'Bookmarks Toolbar' directly in IB toolbar. There is no need to bulk copy your bookmarks from 'Bookmarks Toolbar' to 'Bookmarks Menu' anymore. So you will have a bookmark toolbar with color code and are free to hide the original 'Bookmark Toolbar' anytime. Enjoy using Incredible Bookmarks.0.6!

Release Notes:

New functions
- In addition to 'Bookmarks Menu', users can choose to show 'Bookmarks Toolbar' & 'Unsorted Bookmarks' in IB toolbar

- In the 'Check Link' page, a new 'Select All' function is added to select all outdated bookmarks

Monday, November 30, 2009

Incredible Bookmarks 0.5 now public and new facebook fan pages

Incredible Bookmarks 0.5. is public, do give us a review on AMO if you like IB.

We have two new fan pages on Facebook (IB & TMT). We will continue to post related videos, screen shots and lots of other useful information on these pages. You are also welcome to post your suggestions on the discussion page. For bug reports, however, please email us directly.

See you all on our fan pages~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Addon!! Incredible Bookmarks 0.5 is released!

Incredible Bookmarks is the ultimate addon suite for bookmark lovers. Features include dynamic bookmarks toolbar and other bookmark utilities. Download from here now!

Multiple & Dynamic Bookmarks toolbar

-Dynamically show bookmarks in IB toolbar by using folder and search terms
- Highlight the bookmarks in any color you like
- Sort bookmarks by name, visit time, last visit and most visited
- Add/remove IB toolbars easily

Smart Bookmarks
- Run a check to find out duplicate bookmarks in each IB toolbar
- Run a check to check the links in each IB toolbar to see which links are no longer available

IB Palette Button
-Toggle IB toolbars easily
-Show all bookmarks in Bookmarks Menu with highlights!