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Monday, December 7, 2009

Incredible Bookmarks 0.6 is in Sandbox

Good news! Incredible Bookmarks 0.6 is released. In this new version, users can view their bookmarks in 'Bookmarks Toolbar' directly in IB toolbar. There is no need to bulk copy your bookmarks from 'Bookmarks Toolbar' to 'Bookmarks Menu' anymore. So you will have a bookmark toolbar with color code and are free to hide the original 'Bookmark Toolbar' anytime. Enjoy using Incredible Bookmarks.0.6!

Release Notes:

New functions
- In addition to 'Bookmarks Menu', users can choose to show 'Bookmarks Toolbar' & 'Unsorted Bookmarks' in IB toolbar

- In the 'Check Link' page, a new 'Select All' function is added to select all outdated bookmarks

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