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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

TooManyTabs version 2.3 Release Notes

If you are new users, please visit this page for a simple tutorial.

Release notes (2.3)
  • Enhance extension permission requirement (to comply with Chrome policy)
    • The permission to enable screen capture is now optional
    • To enable tab preview in TMT, please enable it by
      • Click on the "+" sign of the first tab inside TMT
      • Or go to TMT options page, click the "Change" button to disable/enable preview
      • ** Chrome will prompt a dialog to request the permission
      • More details on "Tab Preview" below

  • Storage Backup
    • A new permission "Storage" is required so TMT can keep a second backup on the tabs data
    • If something goes wrong, please go to the Import Page to see if you can restore TMT tabs data with the "Retrieve Auto Backup" function
    • We still recommend you to use manually "Export" function to backup your data to a file, as this would be the most secure way 
    • The backup is still local, meaning they will not sync across machines using the same profile
  • Discard Tab shown with less opacity
    • If a tab is discarded by Chrome (to reduce resource consumption), the tab will have less opacity inside TMT tab view
  • Pinned Tab visualization
    • A pinned tab will be shown as pinned inside TMT (with a pin icon). You could only select it but not remove it inside TMT now
  • Recently Closed Tabs 
    • Only tabs closed inside TMT popup/window or TMT tabs removed from TMT columns are sent to "Recently Closed Tabs" column
    • For the full list of recently closed tabs, please use the Chrome history function
More Details on Tab Preview
  • A tab preview can only be captured when it is active and selected
  • Previews are clear when chrome exits
  • You might see many empty preview images inside TMT at the beginning when Chrome launchs, because previews are cached gradually (when selected)


Stan G Duncan said...

Hi guys,
I love the extension, but there is a typo in your release notes, and I thought you'd like to know it. In your first note, you say that you had to Enhance extension permission "to compile with Chrome policy." That should be "to comply with" not "to compile with."

Just thought I'd mention it. Keep up the good work.

Stan Duncan

Visibo Team said...

Thanks for the note, we have fixed the typo. :D

Peter Brooks a/k/a Always Controversial said...

help. i write here what i would in an email, but there is no functional email link provided that i can find.

i have versions of fresh start and tmt for chrome, but hardly ever used because i am faced with terminology i do not understand (wtf is favicon?) and with respect to tmt product faces i do not understand. but i sense you creating products that could be of considerable value, for me at least.

please note: learning by release updates written in developese may suffice for your peers, but leaves me SOL. it is precisely like lawyers who learn by incremental precedents written in legalese. how well do normal people understand them?

(maybe an updated user guide explaining the product features (ofc), the logic of their organization as well as their organization, and a "how-to" for people who cannot employ logic but can follow pedantic instructions - that would be better?)

i suffer from tmt and i would love to learn more about export features - can and how do i export a single bookmark folder from a chrome to a brave browser? for example -- I would be grateful if someone on your team who can translate developerese into brick and mortar terminology would reply to my email address:

thank you so much.

Unknown said...

Only tabs closed inside TMT popup/window or TMT tabs removed from TMT columns are sent to "Recently Closed Tabs" column.
For the full list of recently closed tabs, please use the Chrome history function.

WHY!? WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THIS!? IT WAS PERFECT THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE! & NEWS FLASH YOU CAN'T DO THIS IN INCOGNITO!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK! I Lost Quite a few taps hard to refind taps because of this. Jesus Christ Man Why!? Please Respond to this cuz I Really Do Want an Explanation on Why You did This?

fjbecker said...

Is there a way to restore TMT data from a computer backup? I do not get much when I retrieve from auto backup. Is auto-backup enabled by default? Thanks! I have been using TMT for a long time but I tended dump a lot into suspended tabs and maybe it was too much. Now there is nothing. I use it in two separate Chrome user profiles.

Visibo Team said...

If you have a backup of the chrome profiles then please see if this might help.

Unknown said...

In 'too many tabs' for chrome, a few bugs/improvements:
--the last row on the right is not fully displayed - meaning you can't click the X to close the tab, nor can you click the button which sends it to the control-cue-row for making it inactive etc.
--Also, the X button in the rows is too small and only appears when a mouse hovers over it, making the closing of consecutive tabs a lot slower than it needs to be and needing precision of clicking - otherwise the tab opens if I miss the X.
--Also, when hovering over the tab name - it only displays the text from the site... not the full address and text... there's been many times where I'm unsure if I want to close a tab inside the extension because I hover over it and the explanation of that tab isn't complete enough for me to know.

Brandy said...

Help! I got a new laptop, and need the tabs from the old one! Is there a way to "import" the tabs I had on the other machine?

Asheara said...

missing it so hardly in firefox

Sharon said...

How do I get items on notepad to save to Calendar tasks?

Unknown said...

Why are my bookmarks now being sorted alphabetically? I had them organized into groups and that has now been lost. I rearranged them twice and it has again been sorted. Is this a new feature? If so, PLEASE make it optional.

Orreyn said...

What exactly Import/Export does? I thought it supposed to help with tabs recovering, but I import and then happens... Nothing at all. I can't get tabs I've had before.

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