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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

TooManyTabs version 2.4 Release Notes

If you are new users, please visit this page for a simple tutorial.

Version 2.4 (2024-04)

  • Migrate to use manifest v3
  • Note if you remove the extension, the data are deleted. Backup the data in options page periodically.

NEW!! Restore Tabs from backup file

To restore your tabs, choose the backup file, and click "Import". Note this will overwrite your existing tabs if there is any.

For the import, you can use existing backup file from previous or current version of TMT.

NEW!! Export tabs for backup

Backup your tabs data to file directly, go to options page and click "Export for backup", save the file.

Version 2.3 and before users

Data of previous versions are stored in localstorage. If there is a problem in this upgrade, you might get a backup of those data with this tool.

Click on the "Export old data from LocalStorage" button, this is only visible if you have any data stored inside LocalStorage. These are data from previous version and will be out of sync when you start using the new version.

The bottom of the Options Page

Bug fix:
  • A weird bug that stops the extension from working if an alert box is triggered inside the extension popup.


Milan said...

After the last update, the extension is not working properly for me. When I click on a tab in TMT, it doesn't open in Chrome. I use chrome 124.0.6367.119 on a macbook M1 pro.

Visibo Team said...

Try restarting your Chrome and see it works? Please confirm the version is updated (2.4) since there is a bug that stopped TMT from responding in version 2.3. If it is still not working, please send us any errors in developer console. Go to chrome://extensions/ and look for TMT and open the service worker view, or the errors link etc. Thank you.

Info2Dollars said...

Hello! Love the plugin! There is a bug where every time I send an open gmail to TooManyTabs it will have duplicated like 5+ more of the same open gmail whenever I go back into TooManyTabs. Thought the team should know!

Visibo Team said...

Thanks for the report! I have submitted a patch (Verison 2.4.1), and it should be ready in a few days after going through the webstore review process.

Greg Skyles said...

Hi, is the link for the simple tutorial ( correct? It seems to just cycle back to this page.

Visibo Team said...

Thanks Greg, the link is fixed.

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