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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Important: Changes to Incredible Startpage in the Coming Weeks

Hi fellow Incredible Startpage users,

In preparation for a major Chrome update (launch of Chrome's WebApp stores), Incredible Startpage will be updated to support WebApp launching and management. To facilitate the support of this exciting new development from Google Chrome Team, we will have to increase the permission level of Incredible Startpage to manage your future WebApp needs. In a week or two, when you start Chrome, you will see the following message:

Just click "Re-enable" or "Ok" or anything equivalent in your locale to continue using Incredible Startpage. The updated extension will be ready for all the exciting developments of Chrome in the coming months.

Thank you for your support all along. Enjoy!

Update: We will need permission (called to work with a new Chrome feature called Web Apps. For information, please visit Google's preview at

Visibo Team


Anonymous said...

Your post should explain why we need to do this: what new permissions are required.

Unknown said...

I agree could we have a little more info please

Sandy@visibo said...

@Trufflufagus & nikintheuk: we have updated the post with the details of the permission. Thanks.

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