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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TooManyTabs (Firefox) 1.1.2

Merry Christmas! We have a present for you! Download now!

New functions:
  • Send tab automatically by domain. After the 'Domain Row' option is enabled, simply name a TMT row by a specific domain, e.g. ''. When you click the TMT arrow later to send a tab to TMT, if it is from '', then it would be sent to the row '' directly.
  • New status button for toggling TMT. If you prefer the status bar than the toolbar palette button, go to options to show this new status button now!
  • You can now see the url in status bar when mouse over a TMT tab
  • Two new confirm prompts are added. One is before 'Restore TMT tabs' and the other one is 'Send All Tab to TMT'
  • Two new locales added! Thanks Edgard Dias Magalhaes(pt-BR) & Nguyễn Hoàng Long(vi-VN) for the translation.
New Options:
  • Adding new row in options made easier. In the 'Add Row' prompt, simply check the 'Insert new row BEFORE currently selected row' box. Then the new row would be added right BEFORE the selected row in the options.
Bug fix:
  • Sometimes, users may see a display glitches caused by a corrupted toolbar setting (see the image before). TMT1.1.2 will automatically restore the default set of TMT buttons if the glitch happens. If the problem still persist, please right click on the FF toolbar, click 'Customize > Restore Default Set' to reset the corrupted setting.
NEW Support & Suggestion on getSatisfaction is now available!


Anonymous said...

A great feature would be to allow the firefox profile instance to have say 10 tabs open. A new tab opened pushes the oldest tab into TMT

provide conditions for 'oldest' as options

Sandy@visibo said...

Thanks of your suggestion, we'll consider this in our future development.

Anonymous said...

I would like automatic "tab balancing". For example, I like the idea of "row = domain" but I don't want 100 tabs in a single row. I'd like to be able to split it up evenly among a number of rows that I choose.

Sandy@visibo said...

Thanks for the idea, we will think about it!

rosered said...

Yes I would like the "tab balancing" feature too.

Eli Luong said...

- I tried to assign shortcut keys, like Windows+1, but it doesn't seem to recognize the Windows key.
- Domain feature, might be nice to be able to merge multiple domains into one tab, but that might take a bit of work and thinking how best to set this up.
- Thumbnail previews and allowing us to write some notes for the tab might be useful for some people. Maybe a "Date-added" to the tab, this stuff shows up when you mouseover the tab.

Thanks for the extension! It will help manage my excessive use of tabs, which is really slowing firefox down.

Sandy@visibo said...

Hi Eli,

Firefox only allows certain keys to be used as shortcuts, and it depends on what other software you have installed on your computer. On Windows you can try Ctrl-Alt-.

Thanks for the suggestions too, we'll consider them in the future versions.

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