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Sunday, December 6, 2009

TooManyTabs 0.92 for Google Chrome (Developer Build Only, Preview Release)

Ever tried having 20 tabs or more open in Chrome? You can’t even see the favicon of the tabs, not to mention the tab titles! TooManyTabs is a must-have extension that manages your tabs, reduces your tab overflow, and saves your sanity!

Features :
From the makers of TooManyTabs for Firefox, TMT has come to Chrome to help all your tab needs! This is a beta preview version before official launch of Chrome extensions. Constructive feedback welcome at, or in our facebook forum.

- Birdeye view of all tabs open across all windows
- Preview of each tab (filled up gradually)
- Instant tab search upon opening
- Tab sorting by time, name and URL
- Tab count to warn you of tab overflow :P
- Allows "suspension" of tabs to a column and "restore" later to reduce overflow of tabs
- Provides a list of Recently Closed Tabs for guiltless tab closing

Browser Compatibility: Preview version is for developer build only

Download here.

For Users of TMT Firefox:
Certain functionalities of TMT in Firefox are not available in Chrome Version. Some of them not possible at all yet in Chrome, while some are deliberated redesigned to fit Chrome's usage-flow. If you are a veteran of TMT Firefox please give us some feedback!


Jeff said...

Why can't the chrome version use the same bookmarks to store columns and suspended tabs? I sync my bookmarks between browsers using xmarks and it would be great if I could see my suspended tabs from firefox.

Sandy@visibo said...

@Jeff: Please use "FreshStart" extension in Chrome Since the sessions can't be actually synchronized between Firefox & Chrome. TMT for Chrome is more suitable for active tab management.

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