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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Addon!! Incredible Bookmarks 0.5 is released!

Incredible Bookmarks is the ultimate addon suite for bookmark lovers. Features include dynamic bookmarks toolbar and other bookmark utilities. Download from here now!

Multiple & Dynamic Bookmarks toolbar

-Dynamically show bookmarks in IB toolbar by using folder and search terms
- Highlight the bookmarks in any color you like
- Sort bookmarks by name, visit time, last visit and most visited
- Add/remove IB toolbars easily

Smart Bookmarks
- Run a check to find out duplicate bookmarks in each IB toolbar
- Run a check to check the links in each IB toolbar to see which links are no longer available

IB Palette Button
-Toggle IB toolbars easily
-Show all bookmarks in Bookmarks Menu with highlights!


the good daughter said...

I downloaded Incredible Bookmarks, and had it check for duplicates and to check links.

It found plenty, and I checked all the checkboxes (a "select all" button would be nice...) and click on "remove selected bookmarks" and nothing happens.

Should I be doing something differently?

Sandy@visibo said...

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. A 'Select All' button will be added in the next version.

A notification message should be shown after you clicked 'Remove selected Bookmarks'. Please refer to this video for more details.

the good daughter said...

Thanks for your response, Sandy...

There was no notification message--I click on "remove selected bookmarks" and nothing happens.

Sandy@visibo said...

There are many reasons that may result unresponsive bookmarks. Please email us at for more support~

Unknown said...
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Sandy@visibo said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi -

I'm running IB 0.5 under Firefox 3.5.5 on Windows XP Pro.

Under IE, I use a lot of folders in the Links bar that pertain to various things I care about (i.e. Search, Testing, MS Access, etc.) Some of these folders have subfolders. I've imported all of my IE Favorites into Firefox, and now I have a particular folder and a subfolder that I want to convert to IB toolbars.

However, when I try to add a new IB Toolbar by clicking the appropriate button, it adds a duplicate copy of the Bookmarks Menu IB toolbar. Well and good, except if I try to clear out the duplicate toolbar so I can add the stuff I want, it deletes it from the Firefox Bookmark menu, which I don't want.

Is there a way to add just a blank IB toolbar?



Sandy@visibo said...

@tbgg: You can easily specify which folder to show in each IB toolbar, it is like a container/view of the original bookmark folder.

On each IB toolbar, there is a 'Folder button', click to open a dialog and choose the folder to show. For example, you can choose the folder 'work' for the 1st toolbar & folder 'play' for the 2nd toolbar.

If you don't choose the folder, by default it would show the 'Bookmarks Menu'.

Please view more details on our video tutorial

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