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Monday, February 23, 2009

TooManyTabs 0.4.1 released

Today we have released TooManyTabs 0.4.1. In this version, we have removed the limit on the number of tabs you can store in each row. Simply scroll through all the tabs when a row is overflown. For details on all new functions, please refer to our release notes here.

Again TMT 0.4.1 is still in Sandbox and please login to Firefox addon platform before you download it from here. We hope it will become public soon. Any AMO editors reading this? Please review TooManyTabs first! :P

Lastly, some of you may encounter the "Invalid Hash error" if the addon file was not mirrored properly in servers of the addon platform. In that case, please download the addon file (.xpi file) first and install manually. (See our FAQ)

Thank you for using TooManyTabs!

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