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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TooManyTabs 0.4.0 Released (with a catch)

TooManyTabs has been upgraded to 0.4.0, this major upgrade would migrate the tabs to a more stable storage (Firefox Database) and allow users to add/rename rows in TooManyTabs. However, we are now facing some problems with the Firefox Add-ons Platform. To install the upgrade, please download the add-on from this link

Currently the "Download Now" and "See All Versions" links are missing from TooManyTabs Listing Page, and a search on "TooManyTabs" also returns no result from the Platform. We have already reported the situation to the Firefox add-ons editors two days ago and are still waiting for an answer (It's Christmas time!). We hope everything will be fixed soon~

Merry Christmas!

Update (26 Dec) : The bug is resolved by AMO editors today~ You can go to "TooManyTabs" > "See All Versions" and download TooManyTabs 0.4.0 directly.


Mike Liberatore said...

This new version is AWESOME! This was genius! I needed more rows/slots and adding too many of those arrows took up too much space. this is great!

I would like to see a "save" option to be able to backup your rows to a file. I am still worried one day my browser will crash and all my rows will be wiped out! I save with session saver my regular tabs, does session saver also save your rows/tabs?

The naming the rows is BRILLIANT! Its great cause now i can have

"cell phone sites"
"current website project"
"current interesting news"
etc etc! so awesome.


it might be cool to add a context menu to the right click on tab feature.

so it opens a "send to" type context menu that allows you to select which row (by name of course) you want the tab to go to.

this would avoid having to open toomanytabs, select the row, and then save the tab.

Mike Liberatore said...

bug found:

i have about 8 rows. i named a bunch. after organizing my tabs based on the names i gave them, i ended up with the first row (row 1) being empty. So i deleted it.

This caused a bug. Now all the labels are off by 1. But the strange thing is in the row edit window, it shows there are tabs in some rows when there isnt.

Sandy@visibo said...

Mike: Thanks for your bug report, we will fix the bug soon. At this moment, the label should be correct after you restart Firefox. If you discover further bugs, please email your bug report to Thank you.

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