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Monday, December 1, 2008

TooManyTabs 0.3.2 Released & New FAQ

In case you do not know already, TooManyTabs has now been upgraded to 0.3.2! Yet TooManyTabs is still in experimental mode, so Firefox add-on will not be notified of our upgrade, therefore please install the upgrade from Firefox now!

In the version, we have included some new functions, please view our release note here. For example, you can now hide TooManyTabs either using a toggle button or checking the Auto Hide options. To use the toggle button you first need to drag it onto your toolbar. Right click on the Firefox toolbar, click "Customize..." then drag the "Toggle TMT" button onto your toolbar. Once TooManyTabs is hidden, just click on the toggle button to show it again.

Two new sections, " how to use" & "FAQ" are added to our website. We are sure they will answer most of your questions. Still got a question? Email us please!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

would it be possible to make it so things can be configured more? like a way to make all tabs "Sticky" or "pinned" and a way to remove the x? i close them alot by accident or click on them by accident. i would prefer to have to right click to remove them, but its a pain to pin them all.

also maybe make it so if you hove your mouse on your toolbar row, you can run through all tabs(and rows) with the mouse wheel?

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