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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More about TooManyTabs 0.4.0

Beginning from version 0.4.0, TooManyTabs can now run in multiple windows. This is because instead of keeping separate copies of tab on different windows, we have decided to sychronize them in all windows. Therefore, if you add a tab in window A, the same tab would appear on window B. If you remove a tab from window B, the tab is also gone in window A. Technically speaking, by using the Firefox data storage (Places), we are able to track the transactions between different windows, and update the interface accordingly.

In this version, you can also add more rows, rename them or delete them using the options panel. Originally designed to hold some extra idle tabs to save your memory during a session, TooManyTabs has evolved to become a visualization of our web browsing habits. TooManyTabs is not just a a set of relocated bookmarks - in some way it is an overhaul of your Firefox browsing experience!


Mike Liberatore said...

we need an easy way to go through all the tabs we have in rows.

if you have 10 rows+ like i do, its a pain to click through each row, selecting each one takes time.

it would be great if you could hover your mouse over the row drop down menu, and scroll the mouse wheel up and down to be able to seemlessly scroll through the rows.

this would make going through all your tabs ALOT easier.

Sandy@visibo said...

Sure, your suggestion will be included in TooManyTabs 0.4.1~

Mike Liberatore said...

@sandy, that is great! I am very excited to check that out! I have been using toomanytabs like crazy! Soon i will have so many rows it will be real hard for me go through them without this feature!

just to confirm, the tabs are completely unloaded just like if they were closed, when you send them to toomanytabs right? I ask because my RAM usage is still high after sending many tabs to toomanytabs.

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