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Monday, April 21, 2014

TooManyTabs 2.1 released with Google Drive Support!

We have released TooManyTabs for Chrome 2.1. In this update, we have fixed the missing previews since Chrome 34 and introduced a new feature - automatic backup to Google Drive.

Authorize TMT to save data to your Google Drive

  • Visit the "Import/Export" page, then click "Authorize"
  • This will open the Google Authorization Popup, please click "Accept", close the popup after a few seconds if it does not close automatically *
  • The TMT data will save as Application Data and it is not visible in the Drive interface. To manage TMT data, please go to Google Drive's Settings > "Manage Apps". The stored tabs can only be accessed by your authorized Chrome profile**
  • Now go back to the Import/Export page and click "Reload" button to confirm the authorization status. You can create your backup immediately, TMT will also automatically backup your tabs daily

Restore and Delete Backup

  • If you have multiple Chrome profiles/machines using the same Google Account, you might want to add a label to differentiate different backups from different machines

  • Click "Restore" to restore a specific backup, all the existing tabs and columns will be overwritten and the changes cannot be undone
  • Click "Remove" to delete a backup from your Drive, TMT will keep at most 10 backups in your Drive

New Commands

We have added two new commands that can be customized in the Tools > Extension Page. You can now easily send active tab to TMT and open TMT window via shortcut.

* To make sure the backup can run automatically, please always remember to login with your Google account
** If you revoke TMT access to your drive then no more backup will be created until you authorize again

Thank you for using TooManyTabs. Enjoy!


Lex said...

I'm wondering if this feature is still supported? When I go to the options menu, there isn't a prompt to authorize, and when I view the Manage Apps screen in my drive, TMT isn't listed.
I thought I had it all configured, but when I updated from WIN 7 to WIN 10, I lost all of my tabs. I switched to TMT from another addon a while back because of their lack of backup support, I was hoping this would be different.

Kathleen said...

аналогично. не вижу на своём компьютере то, что описано выше. стоит Win10.
similarly. I don’t see on my computer what is described above. worth Win10.

Anonymous said...

hi this is my first comment

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