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Friday, September 28, 2012

Incredible Startpage 1.6 is released!

Important!  If Incredible Startpage is not loading properly, please upgrade to Chrome 22 or higher.

This update includes three new functions. First, you may now easily rearrange your app order by drag and drop, just like the "My Bookmarks" tab.

In response to users who would like to hide the "Most Visited" tab, a new option is now available in this update. Simply go to "Advanced Options" and uncheck the "Show 'Most Visited' tab", click the "Save" button, and reload your startpage.

Another new function is "Send tab/link to Startpage", you may now use the context menu to add links to the startpage's "My Bookmarks" tab which is bookmarks bar folder (default) or any other folder you have chosen to show in the startpage. To enable this function, please go to "Advanced Options" page and change your settings.

Finally, this update also includes an important fix for the "Startpage not loaded for the first time during Chrome launch" issue. Enjoy!

New users - please go to this page to add Incredible Startpage to Chrome.


Unknown said...

This is awesome! Love the new update features. Keep up the "incredible" work!

Papa Punk said...

This extension is "incredible". I've been using it for 1 month now and I got rid of iGoogle.

It would be nice to have the possibility to have more than one tab associated to a bookmark folder. And replace the notepad for alternate gadget, like a clock, weather, some rss feeds (news...).

Unknown said...

como lo puedo obtener el (increible startpage 1.6 is released! )como lo descargo ?¿?¿?¿?¿?

princesalea said...

I didn't find the link to download it. Please, put it more clear to find for noobies like me :)

Visibo Team said...

Hi, please go to this link to install Incredible Startpage. For existing users, the extension will be automatically updated by Chrome. Hope it helps.

Tarek said...

With the advent of the chrome synchronization across multiple devices, I have had to remove Incredible StartPage to get to the tabs on my other devices.

Is there an update that enables this?

Visibo Team said...

@Tarek We will add this feature once the data access to "Other devices" are available to extensions. Hope it helps.

suzybel56 said...

I found this on MakeUseOf and it really is incredible.

Iburndeep said...

I'm with Tarek... Tried this out several months ago, but couldn't use it because of that feature. Back now to try it again, some neat new updates, but still can't use it because of that feature. I work on a desktop, notebook, and a tablet and just REALLY need that. really like the other stuff though.... by far better then the standard one from chrome minus my other devices tab

Xsaron said...

Hi! I've been using Incredible Startpage for some years now but since yesterday it keeps forgetting the main bookmarks to show each time I close Chrome... So I open Chrome, I set the main bookmarks to show AGAIN, everything works, I close Chrome, open it again and it has forgotten the setting... How can I fix this?

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