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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TooManyTabs 1.9 is released!

TooManyTabs 1.9 is released! This updates includes many new features for all the tabaholics out there:

  • Too many tabs in TooManyTabs? You may meditate to suppress your never-ending tabbing desire, or you may now sort TMT column by tab title or URL to find your tabs in TMT easily. Just toggle the two new buttons to sort and unsort your column.
  • You may further filter column by tab title or URL just use the corresponding sort filter box beneath the sort buttons to filter tabs as you type.

  • Pinned tab support: If a pinned tab is sent to TMT, it will stay pinned (indicated by the pin icon over the tab). This means when you restore this tab, it will also be restored as pinned in Chrome and will not be removed from TMT. To remove a pinned tab from TMT, please explictly remove it via the context menu.

Export and Import
  • In addition to export as JSON format for backup and migration. You may now export your TMT tabs as plain text or HTML for print or email.
  • New import options: Merge import data with existings columns.
  • Tip: Please always export and backup your tabs as file before importing other TMT data.
New options
  • Hide Chrome's pinned tabs in TMT popup: Check this options and pinned tabs in Chrome will not appear in the TMT tab panel. This can avoid suspending pinned tabs accidentally. You can still send the pinned tab via the "Send Tab to TooManyTabs" context menu directly.


ian said...

Thank you. How do I upgrade and will I lose my existing tabs? The option version doesn't say which version I have and Chrome extensions page says it's already installed so as I'm seeing this page, I will assume it has automatically upgraded, is that correct? Thank you.

Visibo Team said...

@ian Chrome will automatic upgrade all extensions. You can also check the version number in the chrome://extensions page. To protect TMT data, please periodically backup your TMT data via the import/export page. Hope it helps.

Unknown said...

I would like a big yellow button at the top-right of TMT's dropdown to suspend the current tab.

Instead of the little "You are here" marker, the current tab would be clearer if its titlebar and border was red or otherwise themed.

I would not object to TMT storing the suspended tabs as bookmarklets in a special folder (like FreshStart does), as this would make them available elsewhere via sync extensions, as well as keeping them backed up.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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CarlosMotta said...

It would be great if you could "group" the tabs, to display them like in a submenu.
Thanks for this wonderful tool!

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