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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wikipedia Companion has been updated! (1.8.2)

Hi fellows! "Wikipedia Companion" is now "Lookup Companion for Wikipedia"!

Due to recent changes to Wikipedia's new formatting and layout our Companion has been broken for a few days. We have just pushed a fix that will work for most languages. If you still see odd formatting try a new search and see if things get updated (Chrome may have cached the content). If you still have issues with particular languages please feel free to leave a comment. We will then check on it promptly.

Enjoy and thanks for your support so far!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the immensely useful extension! Please continue improving it.

Mäde said...

Yeah, I like your work too! great job, really! I have some issues with the german language. articles can't be found (eg. albert einstein) and it's not formated well. I really hope you guys can fix this soon.
Be blessed and go on
Matt : )

Visibo Team said...

@Mäde Thanks for the report. We tested "de" as second language and the content is the same as If there is other problems, please email us. Hope it helps.

The Mad Lolita said...

This product has become extremely unstable with this update. I'm having severe difficulty getting it to look up pages, getting "page cannot be found" or that it doesn't exist. I can't get it to collapse the information for any of the subheadings so I'm scrolling endlessly to get to the section I want, and the ugly, grey background with the black text? Beyond difficult to read. This update has taken the joy out of using your extension for me. There was a time when I recommended it to everyone I knew. Now I keep my mouth closed rather than making negative remarks.

The language I am using is English, for the record, so there ought to be no reason it doesn't work correctly.

Visibo Team said...

Hi, thanks for the report. We have released an update (1.8.3) that should fix the styling issue. Hope it helps.

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