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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's new in TooManyTabs for Chrome 1.7.0

By popular demand, with the latest version of TooManyTabs for Chrome, you may use context menu (right click menu) to send the current tab or any links on the tab to TooManyTabs immediately.

The tab/link can even be sent to different coulmns if you have enabled "custom columns".

Some users have shown concerns on the performance when loading tab previews. Actually you can start to select or sort tabs even though the previews are loading. We believe the previews are useful for users who prefer more visuals, if you prefer less, you can now turn off the tab previews in options.



boshness said...

How do I enable custom rows?
I like TooManyTabs for Firefox much better, as I can have infinite rows of infinite tabs, and access them so much more easily.

boshness said...

but have switched to Chrome, as FF is slowing done too much, could that be due to having hundreds of tabs saved in TooManyTabs?

Visibo Team said...

@boshness Please go to TooManyTabs Options and checked "custom rows". Then you can add new rows in the popup. I am not sure about the Firefox performance. Yet I am sure your Firefox would be much slower if you load those hundreds of tabs in browser instead of storing them in TMT.

~~ LadyJ ~~ said...

How do I get it to install??

I click INSTALL and it says "Installing" for a few seconds... and then nothing...

I have checked my extensions and it is not showing there.

I downgraded back to an 8 something version of Chrome because all the updates of the last month or so kept making Chrome worse and worse until it
was practically non functional.

Could that be the problem,is the newest TMT and the older version of Chrome not friendly???

If so, Where can I find an older version of TMT then?

It's too bad they won't play well together, I like what I read about the newest version of TMT.

Visibo Team said...

@~~ LadyJ ~~ We recommend users to use the stable channel of Chrome (Chrome 12 at the moment) since if your chrome is too old then some new functions will fail (e.g. context menu)

Proto SD said...

How do you import your TMT rows from Firefox?? Can you please add this feature or explain how?

Visibo Team said...

@RojoMojo Please refer to this link for details

boshness said...

Please change your text to "custom _columns_", not "rows", as you presently have it misnamed.

TMT for Chrome uses "columns", imagine Greek columns, that is, the tabs are in vertical lists; while Firefox TMT uses "rows" of tabs, like horizontal lines in a notebook.

I was confused until I saw that you had it misnamed.

But I am loving TMT _plus_ Chrome more and more every day - have 27 columns so far!

Request: Please add a button on the side, so that we can see a drop-down list of all open tabs, like FF TMTs has.

Also, please allow custom grouping and ordering of tab columns, like you have for Firefox.
Chrome is powerful and fast.

Thank you - love Love LOVE TooManyTabs...! Could not live on the web with out it.
Am going to donate right now.

p. said...

How do I remove the Too Many Tabs item from the context menu? I don't have a use for it there, and prefer to maintain a minimal context menu in my browser.


Visibo Team said...

@p. Sure, we would add an option in next update to turn on/off the context menu.

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