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Saturday, June 18, 2011

FreshStart now has multiple windows session management

We know it is been a long wait and finally it's here! You can now save multiple windows into a single FreshStart session in version 1.5.0.

Two Panels View

The left panel is the current session, select windows and tabs you would like to save to a single FreshStart session. The right panel is the list of saved sessions, you can export, edit and remove sessions here.

Edit Session

The part with most changes is 'Edit Session'. Beside using checkbox to include/exclude tabs or windows, you may use drag & drop to move tabs around windows. In the picture below, I am dragging a tab from window (33) to window (103). Since both windows are checked, this will add two new windows to my session. You can also drag tabs directly to the existing windows (e.g. window 103). The window numbers are just Chrome's internal way of identifying windows. Don't be too bothered why they are of a particular number. =P

New options:

We have enabled custom zoom for the popup, please adjust it according to your need.

Open Sessions

Use left click to open a session in a new windows. If the session has more than one windows, it will open the same number of windows as specified in the session.

Advanced tips: With multiple window support, sessions will always open in new windows.



Unknown said...

As your tool advances, so can we.

New advanced organization is very thoughtful.

Your dedicated development is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Pro: I'm loving the double window!

It's so clear and obvious that I can't remember how it was before.

Con(sort of):Previously saved sessions are being loaded in 'reverse' order.

Which is to say, where originally the session loaded as Tab1, Tab2, Tab3
it now loads as Tab3, Tab2, Tab1.

Not a biggie, but worth noting.

I'm in Chrome 12.0.742.100 (Official Build 88853) on WinXP SP3

Visibo Team said...

@victorianfather Thanks for the report. We have updated FreshStart to 1.5.2 and the previous stored session should be sorted correctly.

Tom Cloyd MS MA said...

This is simply glorious! I use this every day, and it's essential to what I do. Thanks for your excellent work

Anonymous said...


Quick fix!

Well done!

I'm still loving the dual panels.

I haven't used the multiple windows
(as opposed to multiple tabs)
option as I'm used to the old ways.

However, it's nice to have the choice.

Another positive point is that I used to limit myself to six saved sessions as I didn't want to scroll down all the time.

Now, with the new configuration, it looks like 11 or 12 sessions can be saved before scrolling is needed.

Really, thanks a lot for this most useful extension.

mastahype said...

It would be nice to default the selection to ALL for the multiple-window session save. It's fewer clicks. Current default selection is NONE so I always have to either check them or use the small toggle button. I had clicked the save button and didn't realize the sessions never saved because none were selected.

Visibo Team said...

@mastahype We have updated to 1.5.3, please see if the currently selected window is checked by default. Also a warning is added if no window is selected when you click 'save'

Michael said...

I really like the new features, and feel like the app is a "living" and "maintained" application, which is great!

However, I am a little disappointed to not see "resizing" as an option. I have a huge monitor, and it feels frustrating to be able to resize the FreshStart window in order to eliminate scrolling all together.

Is that in the que for a future release? It would definitely be a great feature to consider. Thanx again, and keep up the great work!

Visibo Team said...

@Michael Unfortunately Chrome limits the maximum size of extension popup, we will see what we can do later. Hope it helps.

VVilly said...

1. the new export format is worse than the original. I would copy-paste to evernote and it would format well and often evernote would recognize the url's. Now it is messy looking, not well recognized.

2. for some reason trying to copy in the export window doesn't work on the first run. I have to close the window and open a second time, unselect then reselect all, then copy.

3. I should say Thank You, like others have, for this otherwise great extension. It has been very handy and useful. Please keep up the good work!

mastahype said...

Nice update for selecting current window by default! A nice-to-have preference option would be whether to select all open windows or just the current when saving. Thanks for the fast turnaround. I love your session manager.

bobo said...

hi i'm bonus (BUG) hemmm i don't know doing another ^^
pls tell me back to email -> or thk ^^

aim4itnow said...

Hey Visibo Team! I love FreshStart...I mean I really love it! I can't say the amount of times that FS has saved my bacon! Hours of work are just so easy to track and manipulate. I manage my research/writing sessions with this chrome+freshstart combo...and it just makes my work so much easier to manage! Thanks!

Laura said...

A lot of these changes are great! But is there a way to change the code so that it no longer produces annoying lists in my favorites menu? I use Chrome and when I click to add something to my bookmarks, there are a thousand window titles for my FreshStart sessions.
It's basically:
window 6
window 25
window 381
window 83
window 9012
etc etc etc. This gets so annoying to scroll through. I have lots of favorites and folders and this mess is just making it ten times worse, which I thought was the opposite of what the app is trying to do in the first place. Right?

Otherwise, I mostly like the changes. Took a while to get used to the size of the new double window pop up. But I do like it now I think. It's cleaner, I guess.

Thanks for the wonderful tool!!

gspe said...

i like this new dual panel version, i like it very much.

I'd like to know if is possible to recognise current session name if it was saved before. With this option will be much easier to modify an existing session.


Unknown said...

Being able to save multiple windows in one session is awesome! I just noticed this was updated. A bit late but thank you for continuing to improve on a great tool! :D

philip said...

Have trouble Cmd-Click to open a session in existing window. The whole FreshStart window becomes unresponsive and I have to restart Chrome to reset FreshStart.... Too bad; otherwise, this is getting close to SessionManager plugin on Firefox....

Visibo Team said...

@p. It sounds more like a chrome problem, could be one of the tabs in your session caused Chrome to crash.

Kathie said...

Thank you for your work on this, I find this extension so helpful!

h said...

Hi, this is great! Thanks! I love it.

I have one suggestion that I love to see.

Can you add shortcut keys for a session that I can open my session with one key? I would be really good to have it!

Also maybe option to set 'home session' (instead of homepage) when chrome starts!


John said...

Hi there!
I want to try this extension, but download link from google web store always broken. I tried to install from source but couldn't find any source instead of messages.js. Could you provide any mirror or explain how to install extension from source?

Visibo Team said...

@John Please mail us your OS and Chrome version at contactus AT We can forward these issues to the Chrome gallery fellows.

John said...

Ok, I've done it.

Zeroes said...


I need in feature: Save session tabs in preset time.

At Work I have period for access to internet 13-14:30. and if I open Chrome after 14:30 all open pages redirected to warning about ending acceess to internet, and I lost my session tabs :(

if I can preset save session in 14:25 I can restore successful in anytime.

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