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Thursday, November 18, 2010

TooManyTabs 1.3.1 now compatible with 4.07b

We have released another version TooManyTabs 1.3.1 today, this fix will make TooManyTabs compatible with Beta 7 now. The incompatibility is caused by some changes on how the tab is rendered. (For others extensions developers' reference, the tabs binding has changed)

I am not sure whether this fix will work for Beta 8, 9, 10... etc. If you would like to help our development, please let us know if you find any problem when using TooManyTabs in Firefox 4 (and Firefox 3).

Also, there are some cosmetic changes for Firefox 4. If you have "tabs on tab" enabled, TMT toolbar will be right under the tab bar.

Other bug fix:

- Fix backup and restore TooManyTabs tabs in 1.3.0
- Optimize scripts loading on Firefox Startup


Seto said...

Restore recently closed tabs
Please restore the recently closed tabs with history. Just do it as the click&clean restore recently closed tabs.

Seto said...

My comments is mentioning the issue in the chrome one.

Taylor McFarlane said...

The remember recently closed tabs option doesn't show up in FireFox.

Sandy@visibo said...

@taylor: You can try this. Right click on url bar, choose "Customize", then you can drag the recently closed tabs button back to TMT toolbar

Guru said...

I'm using FF 4.07 Beta at work. So thank you, it works great!

And hopefully this time TMT (it's just missing Ninja in there to qualify as TMNT) extension won't break down with the subsequent versions of FF 4, as with beta 7 Mozilla has declared a feature and API freeze. Good luck! (Y)

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm also one of the users who think that your TooManyTabs add-on is a must-have.

It helps me a lot when I am researching something or programming (esp on online APIs, and code examples). It also does in my hobbies as well as in news that I don't want to forget.

Unfortunately, when I went to Firefox 4.0 Beta 7, it was initially unavailable. And just a few days ago, I went to Beta 8, I saw TooManyTabs was updated for Beta 7.

I haven't tried "forcing" it yet (aka bypassing version check), though.

It seems like I'm going to "main" beta 8 for now, since save for Flash, I really didn't have much problem in beta 7. So I'd really like to see you guys continue your support for the Firefox 4 (and its Beta, RCs, and Stable releases).

jbclem said...

I'm using Firefox 4b11. Your program, which I'm trying for the first time, is disabled...probably because it isn't compatible. Are you working on upgrading it to match the newer Firefox betas?

Sandy@visibo said...

@jbclem1: Please try again since TMT is updated to be compatible with 4.0b12 already.

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