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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FreshStart 1.4 with Import and Export

Today we released FreshStart 1.4 for Chrome. This version consists of numerous interface improvements and a feature many of you have been asking for - Import/Export!

FreshStart sessions can be synchronized across computers with the built-in bookmark synchronization in Google Chrome. However sometimes you may want to share a session with your friends or quickly copy a bunch of links to another browser. Now you can easily export a session by putting your mouse over a session and clicking the "Export" icon.

To import a saved session, click on the "Import session" button at the bottom and paste your session into the box.

Other features include custom date formats and better confirmation dialogs. If you are using Chrome regularly FreshStart should be updated soon. Hope you like the new features!


Virginia Adams said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just installed Fresh Start a few days ago and today needed to export one of my sessions and it was super easy.
WONDERFUL extension-has worked well for me in ever way

Unknown said...

This is the entirety of your help page? Paste a saved session? What exactly does that mean?

Also, you might consider putting links to your help section on the page that appears after installing. Look forward to figuring out how to use this.

Sandy@visibo said...

The saved session is the piece of text you have exported before.
And thanks for the suggestions about help pages, will consider this one.

Matt Gleeson said...

Any plans for a Firefox version also? When I first spotted this the prospect of sharing sessions between Chrome and Firefox was something that immediately sprung to my mind - that would be truly fantastic!

Mario said...

Hi,I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but after the last update the last version shows me a blank stripe (I’d say it’s 50 pixels, more or less) on the right of the extension, inside the square where the extension appears on the mouse click, and moreover FreshStart is now too tall for my resolution (1024x600) to show the bottom links, while the old version fitted my screen perfectly.

Sandy@visibo said...

@Mario: Please send a screenshot to our support email, contactus at visibotech dot come. Thanks!

Unknown said...

So was I supposed to have emailed my saved session to myself at home in order to view it at work? It said something along the lines of "now you can restore your session wherever you have the extension installed" so I thought it would be connected to my user name once I signed into Google. And will I have to email it everytime? This doesn't seem to be saving much trouble. I could just email myself the links (or create a list in google bookmarks) and click on each one.

Kit said...

Nevermind I realized I hadn't set up sync on my work computer (i normally browse in igcognito but i guess now i'll just have to clear my history). You should add a note to remind people to have sync set up in order for this to work. Thanks!

Sandy@visibo said...

@Becky: FreshStart sessions are stored as bookmarks,please enable Chrome Bookmark sync. Then you can access your sessions between your home and work computer.

Andrew said...


Your plugins are AMAZING!!

I've enabled Crash Recovery to save every 10 minutes. Where is the crash recovery data stored? I've searched everywhere and cannot find it. Why cant I see the crash recovery data under Restore Sessions?


Sandy@visibo said...

@Andrew: The crash recovery sessions is stored in a place called "local storage". Since it is overwritten periodically, there is no need to save as bookmarks.

Andrew said...

Thanks! I found the directory. But.. What if Chrome crashed and I wanted to go into the Restore Session and manually restore the session from Crash Recovery? Wouldn't that be a great feature?

I trust your crash recovery more than Chromes built in feature. I've had Chrome crash and loose session data too many times.

I would like some manual control to restore stuff.

Why can't you make it so that I can see the crash recovery stuff under Restore Session. You could make just the newest session appear there.

Again, I must say your plugins are amazing!! I use the incredible start page like coke!!

Thank You

tommyth3cat said...

Does anyone know if you can choose to open the fresh start in incognito?

tommyth3cat said...

Nevermind I noticed the ctrl-click bit so I just need Incognito up, thanks regardless for a great extension!

Sandy@visibo said...

@tommyth3cat: Seems there is no way to open an Incognito window via the extension at the moment. We will note this feature for future reference. Thanks.

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