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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank You for Installing Incredible Startpage!

Enjoy your new Chrome start page which shows you bookmarks, recent tabs and notes at a glance. To get started, open a new tab and customize your theme with the "Theme Options" button.

Incredible Startpage is super easy to use. You can dive in and create your own startpage now, or view our blog post for a complete tutorial. Enjoy! Remember, if you wish to uninstall Incredible Startpage ( =[ ) just click on the little wrench icon on the Chrome address bar and choose "Extensions" to uninstall.

Other awesome Chrome Extensions from our team:

Fast and simple DIY iPhone/Android App maker for your organization or company! Bring your updates, tweets and Youtube videos to your very own mobile App. No coding knowledge is required!

Need simple session management? Several users on the same Chrome? FreshStart is a simple cross browser session manager. Now supports synchronization through bookmarks, and crash recovery!

TabJump is a new way to navigate your tabs. It intelligently highlights most used tabs and related tabs, helping you find your way in the browser. TabJump also protects tabs from accidental closing, and restores closed tabs.

NewsSquares is a whole new way to experience RSS on Chrome. It gives lightweight listings of feed items with gorgeous image previews.

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