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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Facebook Friends Mural for Google Chrome

Check out our latest extension for Google Chrome, Friends Mural !

Friends Mural is a Facebook client with a new approach. It shows a nice overview of your news feed like other clients, but also features a completely personal "Friend Mural" where you can see what your best friends are doing, in style!

The mural shows you which friends are recently updated. You can click on their photos to see their latest posts. Clicking a post will bring you to a Facebook page where you can comment on them.

To create the mural, click on the "Add Friends to the Mural" button and choose your best friends. If you want to rearrange the mural, you can drag and drop the photos.

Friends Mural updates your friends automatically. When they have new items, we will show an indicator next to the extension icon and photo.

Want to make your mural even more awesome? Set a custom wallpaper from the option page!

That's it! Give it a try and tell us what you think! The coming versions will have the ability to update status and post items within Friends Mural.
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