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Thursday, January 21, 2010

TwitterWatch for Google Chrome

We have released a new extension for Google Chrome, TwitterWatch!

TwitterWatch helps you keep watch on hot Twitter keywords. It is extremely easy to use - search a keyword and it will show you the latest updates in real time. TwitterWatch uses very little resources (update quotas) and can coexist with other Twitter clients.

<- Type to search the latest tweet on a topic.

 TwitterWatch automatically refreshes your search and show the number of updates next to the extension icon.

If you are interested, grab it now and have a try!

We have two other popular Chrome extensions - TooManyTabs for Chrome and FreshStart Session Manager. Welcome to try!


Evgeny Goldin said...

Great extension, just installed it, thank you! I only wish it would auto-refresh automatically (without having to click "Search" icon again) .. Is it possible? Thanks again.

Sandy@visibo said...

TwitterWatch automatically refreshes the search in background, but in the current version you need to re-open the TwitterWatch window to see the new tweets. We will consider adding auto update in the future, thanks!

Evgeny Goldin said...

That would be cool. I very much like the way Twitter is updated on the Web - it just updates the page itself and one only needs to click the yellow path.

Unknown said...

Why I don't seem to understand the conversation? I get automatic updates from the addon. Whenever there's updates a small counter will appear and I don't need to click search icon again to get updates. Or am I missing something?

Sandy@visibo said...

Yep that's right, when the counter appears, clicking the TwitterWatch icon will update the content automatically.

I think Evgeny is refering to the auto-refresh when the popup is kept open, right?

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