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Sunday, November 1, 2009

TooManyTabs 1.1.0 Release Notes

Download TMT 1.1.0 here now!

New Functions
  • Multi-row view that shows multiple rows at the same time.
  • To enable multi rows, users can go to Options > Interface > TMT Toolbar, and choose the number of visible rows. Or add the multi-row palette button to your toolbar via the customize toolbar dialog.
  • We also have a new combo buttons for those who have 3 visible rows or more. This button is hidden if you have 1 or 2 visible rows only.

  • For details, please refer to the video tutorial below.

  • For easier communication, a new bug report button is added in TMT options. Before submitting a bug report, please go to TMT options and click this button. Then paste the profile information in the email and send to Thank you.

Bug Fix
  • The conflict between the TMT tab context menu and the mouse gesture of FoxTab on Mac & Linux is fixed.
  • The flickering issue caused by the conflict between TMT and Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar is fixed.


Unknown said...

Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for the great improvements. The only thing left on my wishlist is the ability to search TMT.

Anonymous said...

Love the new feature, but is there any way you could make TMT compatible with a Tabs on Top style? I've tried moving the toolbar to the bottom, but for some reason, this washes my screen out.

Sandy@visibo said...


Could you send a screen shot to and your profile information using the new bug report button in 'TMT Options > Advanced'. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Now its so easy to organize my TMT bars via drag-and-drop. This sparks my creative juices. I'd like to start a discussion about new ideas for organizing Tabs and notes in Firefox. I use Too Many Tabs, ReaditLater, Taboo, and Evernote all at the same time.

Here is my rundown so far. I use TMT for pages that I am currently working on and need/want to read soon. Its kind of like project piles all over your rec room. I try to clean them out regularly but I still have 100+ saved. :)

Taboo is for saved notes/wishlists/reference that I don't want to save to Evernote for offline reading. They just aren't that important. I really never clean it out. Its just nice that I can search for any word in my saved pages. Its great for saving screenprints of about:config modifications. However, it is taking forever to load lately and I don't want to clean it out. :(

Readitlater is for reading some day if I feel like it. I never really get to these but its nice to know that I can if I want to. It allows me to stay focused while surfing if I know that I can mark an interesting for later. Readitlater is not in my face when I open the browser so its not good for keeping me on track with current projects/issues. That's what TMT is for.

Evernote (external application) is for important notes to reference later like instructions, class/work/tech notes, contact info, and recipes. It is also the only thing that really works for apartment hunting because I can make extra notes and eliminate the Webpages as needed in a list format.

I'd like to hear about how others use their tab-history extensions and organize their tabs and notes.

Unknown said...

How do I disable this status bar that's suddenly popped up on the bottom of my firefox browser? It showed up when I upgraded to the latest version and I don't like it. I can't find anything in the options that will let me disable it.

Sandy@visibo said...

@ smileystar78

For bug report. please send a screen shot to, thank you.

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