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Saturday, August 15, 2009

TooManyTabs 1.0.0 Release Notes

New Functions
  • Fully customizable toolbar. Simply drag and drop to rearrange the buttons on TooManyTabs. More details at this post.

  • List all tabs in row button. Just like the FF button that lists all tabs opened. This button lists all the tabs stored in the selected row.
  • Send ALL tabs to TMT. One of the most requested feature is to add all tabs to TMT. We hope you won't abuse the function by sending 100+ tabs to TMT at once...
  • Rename TMT tab. Rename your tab title directly via the context menu. Of course, it would make more sense to rename pinned tabs only~
  • New icons: We have updated our icons with some free icons . We hope you like them.
New Options
  • Enable shortcut to options in row menu. Now you can decide where to put the shortcut in the the menu. For those who have a long row lists may prefer to put the shortcut at the top rather than at the bottom.
Bug Fixes
  • AnyColor, tab bar no longer becomes stretched when mouseover. (Details)
  • Full screen mode now correctly shows TMT when it is at the bottom. TMT also autohides with url bar together when it is at the top position.
  • Now compatible with Chromifox Extreme 3 theme.
Now Available for download here.


Aubrey Blumsohn said...

This is a graet addin - but I don't understand - where is version 1.0. All links go to 0.44.

Sandy@visibo said...

Hello, TMT 1.0.0 is still in the experimental section. It is available for download here.

Keeto said...

It doesn't work with the GrApple Crisp theme, version 2.0.5. :/

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