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Monday, May 11, 2009

What is keeping us busy recently

TooManyTabs 0.4.3 is still in sandbox, yet our team is already working on the next version of TooManyTabs! In this new version, we plan to implement the export and import functions that will allow users to backup and restore their stored tabs anytime!

With this new function, you can directly export the stored tabs to a file. With this file, you can easily transfer your stored tabs to another computer using the import function. You can also restore to an earlier back up if you have lost your tabs.

We would love to hear more feedback from our users on how to improve TooManyTabs. Please help to make TooManyTabs better.

1 comment:

Axel said...

Hi there - good work so far - but I don't quite get it?

This is more behaving like an additional bookmark row - could there be an option to open all tabs in the row while moving back all current tabs - otherwise you clutter up the tab bar again?

Rather than showing them in an extra area, why not swap the whole row with the current tabs? That would make it much more useful in my mind & make more sense to me. E.g. I could have one row with social networking tasks, another one for development and a third one for radio stations / entertainment; then just toggle between them.

Also, it should support drag & drop from the tab bar (might be just an issue with TabMix plus) and there should be some visual feedback for the drop point (I have implemented a simple version of drag feedback in my quickfolders TB extension - you can have a look at its source code if you like).

At the moment the send to tab command is way too far away (bottom of the tab context menu) can you move it up?

Also can I have some recommendation on how to use this with Tab Mix Plus??

thanks in advance

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