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Saturday, November 22, 2008

TooManyTabs 0.3.1 Released!

TooManyTabs 0.3.1 is now ready for download! There are a few features in this upgrade that are tailored for advanced users who would like to have more control on their tabs.

You can now "pin" your tabs on the row of TooManyTabs and they would stay there unless you "unpin" them (all via the context menu).  When you click on a pinned tab, a new instance of that tab opens and the pinned tab will remain on the row. Definitely the best way to keep your favorite sites within reach! 

There are more advanced tricks that the pinned tabs can do! Say, to keep a group of frequently visited tabs,  select a new row on TooManyTabs, pop up multuple tabs to the row, then open the context menu and choose "Pin All Tabs in Row".  When you need the group, you can open them all at once. (via context menu > "Open All Tabs in Row"). To improve tab navigation, we also implemented the open-new-tab-adjacent-to-selected-tab feature. You can toggle this option easily in TooManyTabs options menu.  When you open a new tab or restore a tab from TooManyTabs, the tab will open next to your current tab.  

TooManyTabs is also now compatible with tab-related add-ons like tabkit, colorful tabs etc. Thank you for supporting TooManyTabs!


Unknown said...

Thank you for your hard work. I too open a lot of tabs and performance starts to suffer. I am looking forward to trying your product.

Unknown said...

this is awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome! did i say it enough! it does fully unload the tab though right? I keep so many open cause i dont want to forget them, lose them, will need them "soon" and end up with 75 tabs open and all my ram used up. this is exactly what i need! would it be possible to choose the number of tabs per row? like if i want to do more than the limit of i think its 8?

also maybe a way to group a row, then file that group away into a storage area. so if the group isnt needed at the moment, or soon, but will need them available for down the road. i hate bookmarks. this rocks.

Greg said...

Could you add an option to remove the buttons on the right. Personally, I find it unnecessary and it would be nice if I could disable it so I could devote more space to tabs.

Unknown said...

yeah i agree, turn on the option menu in the add-on menu and move the config to there. in that config, you could choose how many rows and if you want the x button on the right. by removing these 2 buttons, you have more room for arrows on the left. and i ned more arrows cuase i need alot of rows!

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